Bryn Jackson

One Spectacular Year

A couple of weeks ago, on April 16, 2016, Spec - the little podcast network thing that Jonathan, Brian, and I created on a whim - had its first birthday.

Last week, we hit 5 million downloads.

It's borderline impossible to get

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Podcasts for Designers

I'm a huge fan of podcasts as a medium for communicating with other designers around the world. Here are some of the best podcasts out now to help designers connect with the rest of the industry:

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Slack Teams for Designers

One of the most meaningful developments for me in the past year or so has been the advent of designer Slack teams. There are many that are fairly noisy, but here are a few of the better ones to help you get

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Podcasting: The Basics

I've been asked one specific question many times in the last few months:

How do you go about actually creating a podcast?

After trying to explain what we've done a couple times, I decided to write a piece that I could use

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Casting Ain't Easy


We actually made it to January 5th and there's a real live episode of the Design Details Podcast up that people can actually listen to.

This episode was the second take of this conversation. Sam was gracious enough to let us

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San Francisco: Year One

Today, Sarah and I have lived in San Francisco for exactly one year. I've never really been the type of person to write a retrospective, but I thought that today seemed like a good occasion to change that. Our year in SF

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A Few More (Design) Details...

As many of you have heard, my pal Brian and I are starting a podcast. Our plan is to take the concept of his awesome Design Details blog and bring it full circle by talking to the designers and developers behind some

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Don't take it personally.

At ShopSavvy and in many of my side projects, we always have a Slack channel dedicated to public feedback - usually visual or information design-focused. I post new concepts or mockups in there once every few hours to get the team's opinion

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